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“Design for the moving eye, because everything is art.”

Armed with inherent talent, passion, and creativity,  at the age of 25, I decided to upend my life and chase my dream. After my studies in Athens, Greece, in Rural Economics, I decided to follow my true passion and studied Fashion and Costume Design. Next, right after I graduated with honors and having already been granted a scholarship, I took the plunge and moved to Paris, the capital of fashion. Here, I was offered the opportunity to work in renowned Fashion Houses of Ready to Wear and Haute Couture including John Galliano, Olympia Le-Tan, Jean-Paul Gaultier and multiple freelance projects. The knowledge and professional experience I gained working side-by-side with such talented people were invaluable. Additionally, I launched an art & design brand, named Kyano, creating photographs, clothes, accessories and decor objects, all inspired by the Greek islands.

Driven by my natural curiosity and fascination with any and all forms of art, I regularly experiment with forgotten techniques & natural materials to create innovative textures, patterns, fabrics, textiles & forms. In recent years, I have decided to devote myself to making more intuitive artwork that allows me to follow my personal voice. That led me to concentrate more on print design and to create my first complete print collection based on personal drawings. 

For me, fashion is an art form in the truest sense, one whose object of expression is the human body. 

In addition, I recognize the importance of social responsibility and I hope to play an integral part in the establishment and support of sustainable and ethical fashion, driven by my creativity, passion, and ethos.


Photo credits: Charles Devoyer

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