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“We are powerful creators”

Dora is a fashion & graphic designer, an artist, & a certified Integral Coach. Her journey as a designer started in renowned Fashion Houses of Ready to Wear and Haute Couture including John Galliano, Olympia Le-Tan, & Jean-Paul Gaultier. In 2016 she felt the calling, to pursue her dream and build a creative business with her partner in Paris. Today she is the co-founder and artistic director of Kyano Studio (@kyano_cyanotype , @kyano_creative_studio ) which is both an art project and a creative agency. Dora helps creatives incarnate their dreams through inspiring brand design and the powerful guidance of Coaching. Integral Coaching is a holistic, mind, body, heart & spirit approach. She had the honour to study Coaching at the Centre for Coaching Academy which belongs to the pioneers and experts in coaching. Today she is very passionate about using the tools that she learned to help creative people on their self-development journey. She helps them discover the patterns that keep them stuck and create new skills and tools that will bring alignment and purpose to their lives.



CFD, Coaching for Development

Centre for Coaching, accredited by ICF,

Graduate School of Business - University of Cape Town

Textile Design Course

University of the Arts London

Fashion & Costume Design

Pansik Scuola di Moda


Making Art Work by Emily Jeffords

a Business Masterclass for Artists and Creatives

Surface Design Immersion Course

Adobe Illustrator, the art of surface pattern design, how to become a licensing artist, & build a career as a creative entrepreneur

CN Branding Process Course + Brand Design Course with Bre

a reliable process for conducting client branding projects

You! Branded

How to build an authentic and revenue-generating personal brand

Reiki Levels 1, 2

Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner


I work in English, French & Greek

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