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Clarify your vision and define what makes YOU happy



Understand the patterns that keep you stuck and reclaim your inherent strengths


Live the purposeful life you deserve


Hi, I'm Dora

a wife, mother, designer, artist and certified Integral Life Coach.

I am here to guide you through the beautiful, life-changing process of Integral Coaching in order to tap into your authentic truth, clarify your vision and break free from limiting beliefs.

Integral Coaching is a holistic, mind, body, heart, and spirit approach. I had the honour to study Coaching at the Centre for Coaching Academy which has over 23 years of integral coaching experience and belongs to the pioneers and experts in coaching.

Today I am very passionate about using the tools that I learned and helping creative people on their self-development journey. Together we will discover the patterns that keep you stuck and create new skills and tools to help you live an aligned life full of purpose and passion. 

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As a coach, I am here to listen truly, create a safe and supportive environment for you and with powerful questions encourage you to find your own answers to your BIG questions. Together we will create a relationship of mutual respect, trust and freedom of expression.

What is Integral Coaching?

It’s a skilful methodology for developing self and others so that people are more effective and fulfilled. It involves the development of increasing competence in the person being coached. It’s a confidential, non-judging relationship based on mutual respect, where the coach is aiming to help the coachee see the situation in a new way which unlocks new possibilities for them.  

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What isn't Coaching?

  • Managing – is power-based, and involves telling people what to do. 

  • Mentoring – involves an expert or wise elder in the organization or in the field

  • Counselling – Focuses on exploring, understanding, and sometimes solving problems based on past history.

  • Consulting – is led by experts in their field, is solutions-based, and focuses on specific work issues or problems.

Coaching leads the coachee to become self-correcting and self-generating over time hence it is only necessary to have between 8-12 sessions, with activities which the coachee does between sessions to build competence. 


This is for you if...

  • If you are willing to be vulnerable, ask the big questions and take ownership of your life

  • You feel stuck in some areas in your life

  • You have the time and energy to invest in the process

  • You are open-minded and curious to try new approaches for your own growth

Kind words

I am deeply moved by you. Your investment in our sessions and in my personal coaching is impressive. You put a lot of time, energy and work in reflecting on our sessions and providing me with helpful homework and material. This really speaks out loud.


On this occasion, I love the thoughts expressed and homework ideas a lot. It is something I will read often and practice as much as I can. I think you have pointedly addressed some very relevant and important things for me personally (no doubt things that would benefit anyone else too!).

But, also, as I have told you, during our sessions themselves I am deeply impressed by your coaching skills. Your attentive ears, thoughtful words and helpful suggestions.

Again, thank you. I'm really grateful to you and very appreciative of your coaching skills and investment in me.

- Selina, Physicist Engineer -

Does this resonate with you?

The next step is to book a FREE Discovery Call. This call is complimentary and lasts up to an hour. We will talk openly about where you are currently and where you are hoping to be in the future and it is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about working together.

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